Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Browns Come to the Farm

Sorry for the long delay on my promised updates, blame it on the busy season and a migraine that wouldn't let me go.
But today is good and perfect for catching up.
The Long Weekend ending August was great!
April, Rob, Lucy & Jasper & Arlene were all here for a fun, work filled time.
There were three cameras recording the events which means lots of photos!
It's too hard to select just a few, so I'll start with random shots of the weekend.
We spent lots of time at the Yurt....

Arlene cooked us a great supper one night and Cinder thought she was invited to partake...

Lucy and Jasper discovered Junior Pool...

there was plenty of tree climbing,

throwing produce to Fletcher's,

Lucy likes playing in the hay bales,

such a pretty, clever, imaginative girl,
that Lucy is!

I think we have a Future Film Director in Jasper,
Yup, the sunglasses seals that prediction!

lots of picking, gathering produce,
The Browns came up with a unique way of bringing in the apples,

Lots of fun the whole weekend long.
April gave Keith a massage just before they hit the road back home, and Bandida decided to give her a paw.

This is just the beginning of the story.....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happening's at the Farm

It has been busy at the Farm these past 2 weeks.
Keith cut the Big Alfalfa Field, I was busy with the Women's Club annual Rummage Sale,
with help from our Friends, we worked on a new goat enclosure, a reinforced Deer Fence, harvesting the garden and putting food by for the winter.
Each day this week I'll post photos and go into details about all these activities.
To start with,
here is Keith sharpening the Cutter Blade of the Swather -
getting ready to cut Hay.
Meanwhile I'm upstairs working on banners to advertise the Women's Club Rummage Sale.
It was a huge success - we made 3X the money we made last year.
We use the money to support programs in the local school and library.

Corn is growing,
Grapes are getting plump, (these are the grapes by the Yurt)

Life is Beautiful!

Thanks for the photos Arlene!