Saturday, February 28, 2009

The End of February

Whew, I just am going to make doing one final post for February! It's been 3 weeks since I last post and there's lots to report - I hope I do better at keeping up with blogging in March.
Well it's still Winter over here!

But the slow time of Winter is gone - lots is happening.
Keith is getting the Farm equipment ready, I've started spinning wool,
we have eggs incubating....
Hopefully we will have baby chicks on March 3, 4 & 5th
These eggs are from our 2 hens, but we also have Turkey chicks arriving the end of March and new chicks, and baby ducks in April.
Which means a pond is getting built - when the snow melts and the ground thaws.
Arlene came for a visit this month - she was a big help to me.

She & I built this fence for the "Manger" - it's the day time home for the Mama goats - their away from the Kidds time place, so they can share their milk with us & the wee ones.

Milking season is in full swing - the twice a day schedule began yesterday. I'm milking Tuffy - she is a dream, follows me to the Manger & Parlour with no hesitations and lets me milk her with ease.
I'm no longer milking Girly-girl - she gave me such grief when I tried to milk her that I decided she can be Nurse Maid to all the kidds during the day.
Daisy & Brandy have no problems with me milking them - it's just the getting them to the "Manger" & Parlour that is difficult. Some days it feels like a Rodeo Event. I'm slammed to the ground, dragged thru the snow, with them screaming bloody murder, it's a hoot - I'm getting my exercise at least - my whole body is sore. Brandy is getting better so maybe Daisy will come around.
We've been enjoying yogurt, buttermilk and today I'm going to make ice cream. Soft Cheese will be soon ( I tried Mozzarella again and again it was a failure)
Arlene's visit passed thru Valentines - on the very day she invited Keith & I & the dogs for a special meal at the Yurt.
Some how we wore the dogs out!
The next day we all (but not the dogs) went out to the wineries for Red Wine & Chocolates.
We visited 3 new wineries - it was great, we talked "shop" with the owners, chatting about our little vineyard.
One of the wineries had a cave and artwork we really liked.
We then went to a new Italian restaurant for a romantic dinner for three!
I won't divulge any more details of that night......
After Arlene left, Keith decided to make a proper gate for the Manger fence - too bad for Keith that the ground was still frozen and caused the post pounder thingy to bounce off the ground and land on his head!
It could have been a much worse situation - I didn't know that Keith had gone up to the Manger - if he had knocked him self out (according to Keith it came very close to a black out for him)
I wouldn't have found him till I had gone up for Milking time - some 3 hours later.
But the Farmer is tough and made it down to the house - I cleaned him up, asked him questions to make sure his brain was working than made him sit down in his comfy chair. I must confess that as he slept (sitting up) I kept checking to make sure he was breathing.
He is fine now and hopefully this will be the only farm injury this year.
I don't want to end the post with Keith's bloody head so here are photos of Arlene and the Goats.

See you in March!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Nut-ballers Num-nutz Day

Today was the day to use the rubber bands on the male kidds.
Luckily we only had three.
Keith held the boys while I did the honors of making sure both small balls were descended while I released the small green band.
The three appear to be OK, walking a little funny, but still walking & running.
Afterwards I got me a small glass of single malt whisky to calm my nerves -
and worked on the blog.

This is where growing up on a Farm comes in handy.

Seven Kidds!

The last week of January, Brandy (who I thought wasn't pregnant) gave birth to one kidd, the next day Daisy gave birth to two. One of them was a runt; Daisy didn't want anything to do with that kidd and we were not surprised (or horrified) to find it dead the next morning.

Valentino & Sparky with some of the Roosters - all have fared well this winter.
Franny prefers the goat water to her own water.

The other five kidds are doing great.

Doesn't Brandy look like her mom Porkchop?
Brandy's female kidd is the one on top of one of the older males!

She came out full of spirit!

Brandy is a good mom - they all are.

Daisy's Kidd looks just like her - the youngest of the group.

"Life in the Barn"

Morning Walk

Vineyard in Winter

Hay Fields in Winter

It still is Winter on the Farm.
Keith is pruning the fruit trees, We are gearing up for Milking Time, making another enclosure for Mama Goats when it's time for them to be away from the Kids.
We've order seeds for the Garden and day old chicks - chickens, turkeys, & ducks.
Exciting time on the Farm - preparing for Spring