Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day and Boxing Day - Yeah!!

Now my memory may be faulty, but I do think this is the first Christmas I've celebrated since I was a Mom that no Kids were with us.
Thank goodness for the Phone!!
With that handy invention and having Richard and Arlene with us it felt like our whole family was together.

It seemed like Arlene and Richard arrived to an igloo instead of a yurt!

Setting the Festive Table.

Thank you Grace and Albert for the lovely flora arrangement!!!

Lights please!

Of course I forgot to take any photos once the meal was on the table. sigh.
I cooked the entire meal from one cookbook, my birthday present.
Everything turned out wonderfully and was very easy and fun to make.
If you want a new cookbook I highly recommend this one:
"Around My French Table" by Doris Greenspan
Great photos and clear instructions and the food is amazing!

Bandida fell asleep waiting for Santa.

Keith loves his new hand made pajama bottoms from Alyssa the Seamstress!
Later on Christmas Day we four drove up river to Potato Creek for a little snow shoeing.
Naturally we all forgot our cameras.
But it was a perfect outing for Christmas Day.
I think Keith & I will do some more snow shoeing trips this winter.

Boxing Day Morning Moon sighting.

Boxing Day Morning (photos courtesy of Richard)

We hope Everyone is Staying Warm!

Monday, December 20, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I haven't blogged since Summer!
There is so much to catch up on and I think, most likely, probably that I will post what all went on in our lives this past September, October and November..... but for now I will start with what is going on right now.
Which is Snow.
Lots of it.
Which means Shoveling.
Lots of it.

Keith is Shoveler in Chief at WC Fields... he uses The Shovel and,

The Tractor. But he wishes he had what our neighbor Dave uses....

The Cool Snow Blower!

This was our first real snow, before Thanksgiving, 5 inches in one day.

and this was our second Big Snow on Dec 11th - 17 inches in one night!

"There's a truck under here, some where."

"The Pool"

View of the House from the Barn - cozy!

Bandida and I are of one mind!

My protector, Ms. Cinderelly.
New LED lights on the bridge and doors.

A decorated sled instead of the traditional wreath on the Door.

except you have to enter through the back door because there is a big ol' chair inside blocking this entrance!

The Tree - Before and


Santas and Spirit

"Merry Christmas!"