Friday, April 22, 2011


 Lately we have had occassions to dress up. 
So we have been practicing Our Vogue.


 Here we are going out to Dinner to celebrate my Sister Mary's Spring Time Visit!!

 A Very Happy Time!!!
 This is How The Webster Girls Get in the Groove for Dancing With The Stars!

 Ooh La La!

Silly Me Trying to Dance

That's All Folks!

Signs of Spring on the Farm

 Spring is the Time for Burning,
  and building new fencing.
 The Goats and Roosters question the change of weather,
while Mama Hens have Chicks!

 Barn Cats Prowl,
 and all kinds of lovelies pop out of the ground.
 Violets and lettuce

 and pretty flowers.

 There is still a Chill in the air, but the Sun has been Shining so All is Good on The Farm.

Swallow Fest and The Octopus

 Once again Esther & I did a booth for Friends of the Library during the Annual Swallow Fest in Ardenvoir.
I am not mad, just being silly and doing a face and Esther is not flipping off the camera, she just is favoring her bandaged finger, but the shot is cool with the books. Our Friend and fellow booth mate, Lisa took these photos. What was new this year is Keith did a "float" for the Parade!!

Keith also got the Whitehall's old "Octopus" furnace put together and running as Yard Art and Fire Pit!
 Don't you just want to come over and roast some marshmallows?