Thursday, April 2, 2009

It is Turkey Thursday

The call came at 6:15 this morning. I looked outside and this is what I saw.

Wouldn't you know, it snow during the night!
After coffee, going to the barn to get the brooder ready - turning on the heater, heat lamps,setting out food, (blended hard boiled egg), and filling the waterer with warm, slightly sugared, water - I headed in the green bug 12 miles down the road to the Entiat Post Office.

I knocked on the back door and Barbara greeted me with a chirping box!
They road in the front seat with Lucy's Birthday doll (which obviously I haven't mailed yet - bad Farmer Megan - she's coming soon to you Lucy!)

They are shacking up in the Milking Parlour - the only room in the barn with heat and no chickens (Turkeys & Chickens shouldn't be housed together - according to the Books)
The box is open - 15 turkey chicks - alive and well!

I made sure they each had a good drink of water and scattered a little food about, most of them started pecking at the little morsels.

The birds didn't come with a packing list so to find out exactly what type of heritage turkeys they are I went to the Web.
The black & white ones are Black Spanish.(6 of those)
The brownish ones are Bourbon Red. (5 of those)
The pale yellow are Royal Palm (4 of those)
Here is a link to a hatchery(not the one I used) that has good photos of the poults and mature turkeys. You'll have to scroll down to find the ones we have.

Goodbye chickies, until this afternoon!

Keith cooked another great meal last night - braised short ribs.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Farm Uniform

It's "No Turkey's Yet Wednesday".
and I think the weather gods are having a laugh on me because my morning chores were done in a flurry of tiny snowflakes. That's what I get for saying "End of Snow"!
I am definitely not a winter person, maybe I'm more of a winter bear, hibernating sounds inviting, I gain weight, and I can't wait to shed my winter "coat" (clothes).
Following that chain of thought I've entered a contest. Heather Ross who wrote the book "Weekend Sewing", challenged readers (blog) to design a layout of their ideas of the perfect summer wardrobe, based on her designs from the book.
It was a great exercise for me, since I haven't sewn clothes since I was barefoot and pregnant.
I got the idea from Esther's daughter that everyone has a uniform - clothes they always go to time after time.
It was an eureka moment for me when I read Ruthie's uniform statement - "That's what I need - A Farm Uniform"! Combined with Heather's challenge I came up with this spring/summer wardrobe.

This is the first item I've made - it suppose to be the Summer Blouse, and I still will wear it with the Japanese Field Pants - but it's also a shortish dress, perfect for Cocktail Hour.

The winner of the contest will be announce tomorrow - I must admit when I first entered I thought I had a good chance to win, but as the days went by and I saw the other entries my thoughts turned on me - I think it is highly unlikely I will win, but I am so glad that I did the challenge because it has given me confidence that I can sew my Uniform!

Hopefully Tomorrow will be Turkey Thursday! - I'll let you know.