Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Farm Uniform

It's "No Turkey's Yet Wednesday".
and I think the weather gods are having a laugh on me because my morning chores were done in a flurry of tiny snowflakes. That's what I get for saying "End of Snow"!
I am definitely not a winter person, maybe I'm more of a winter bear, hibernating sounds inviting, I gain weight, and I can't wait to shed my winter "coat" (clothes).
Following that chain of thought I've entered a contest. Heather Ross who wrote the book "Weekend Sewing", challenged readers (blog) to design a layout of their ideas of the perfect summer wardrobe, based on her designs from the book.
It was a great exercise for me, since I haven't sewn clothes since I was barefoot and pregnant.
I got the idea from Esther's daughter that everyone has a uniform - clothes they always go to time after time.
It was an eureka moment for me when I read Ruthie's uniform statement - "That's what I need - A Farm Uniform"! Combined with Heather's challenge I came up with this spring/summer wardrobe.

This is the first item I've made - it suppose to be the Summer Blouse, and I still will wear it with the Japanese Field Pants - but it's also a shortish dress, perfect for Cocktail Hour.

The winner of the contest will be announce tomorrow - I must admit when I first entered I thought I had a good chance to win, but as the days went by and I saw the other entries my thoughts turned on me - I think it is highly unlikely I will win, but I am so glad that I did the challenge because it has given me confidence that I can sew my Uniform!

Hopefully Tomorrow will be Turkey Thursday! - I'll let you know.

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April said...

Beautiful. I definitely have been gravitating towards a stay-at-home/homeschool mom uniform - that is same clothes day after day, my friend. And not always too clean either, I'm afraid. xo - April