Tuesday, March 31, 2009

End of Snow

It's indecisive Tuesday - weatherwise & mewise.

The cold wind that blew yesterday is gone, replaced with the sun and rain playing hide and seek with the clouds. I am tugging with notions of sewing, gardening, cheese making, knitting ....blogging seems the perfect escape from making my plan for the day.

The day started slow, with confusion and rain. I thought the turkeys were coming today, but after reading - again- the notice from the bird company - I realized I was mistaken. They could have come this morning (they didn't) but also any day this week. That adds an element of surprise to the whole event - every morning I will get up early, on the ready, waiting for the 6:30 am phone call from the Post office saying "come get your noisy birds!" (they really are very cool about it all). But I do hope they come sooner than later.

Meanwhile here's a little of whats going on at the Farm.

Over the past two weeks the snow has been melting (yeah!!!)

The snow is completely gone from the goat field now. (look closely at this photo - Valentino has a funny look on his face)

The goats love basking in the sun!

No more "Hay Sled", now it's "Hay Wagon"

I have had this wagon since 1994 - the kids & I used it to bring our groceries home from the store. Back in the days when I didn't drive.

I've started planting seeds in the green house,
and Keith dug up the soil so I could plant the onion starts -
with lots of help from Arlene & Richard

Lots of plants are popping their heads out of the ground.

It's Loverly!

Lots of good eating going on the Farm - Keith & I made Meatball Pizza -
The sun is back out - I think I will head to the Green House.

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