Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mary's Summer 2009 Part 3

I've been on the farm for a week now. Some evenings I follow Megan while she does her chores, one of which is milking the goat. From the goat's milk she makes cheese and yogurt - they are truly delicious. After milking...
she returns the goat to the big pen. Behind the milking room is the hen house, where she goes to collect the egg, or sometimes, eggs.
It is not hard to collect the egg(s) because in the evening the chickens are ready to roost.

When Megan goes to the pen where the big goats and the older roosters live she feeds them and tries to protect the one duck with her fancy footwork. What's new on the farm for me are...
the turkeys and the kids. There are also several kittens but they are so cute they deserve their own posting! I need to collect more photos to try to do their cuteness justice.
I am on the farm until Monday, August 3, when I travel by train to Seattle. Arlene will pick me up, take care of me for a day, then drive me to the airport early in the morning on the 4th. I will be back in El Salvador by the evening of the 4th. School will start on the 10th for the teachers, three days later than originally scheduled because of continuing problems with the H1N1 flu. So my next posting will be from El Salvador unless I can squeeze in a kitten posting. Otherwise you will hear from Megan next!

Mary's Summer 2009 Part 2

For those of you who don't know, I have three children: Cecilia, Madeline and Cedric. Cecilia is studying opera performance - she is a soprano - and will begin her fourth year at the University of Brandon this September; Madeline graduated from Concordia University in Montreal with a BFA last year; Cedric will be in his third year at Bishop's University studying physics and math.

Cedric joined Madeline and myself in Montreal and we had a wonderful time exploring the city.
Cedric and I stayed in a house I was able to rent for eight days. Then he and I took a bus to Toronto where we were met by Cecilia, who was staying in Mississauga with her Bel Canto singing teacher. Cedric and I stayed at a motel, an easy walking distance from Pattie's apartment, where Cecilia was staying; in exchange for room and board and voice lessons, Cecilia was doing child care - a good deal for both.

Madeline joined us in Mississauga to hear Cecilia sing for Pattie's birthday party. She was a surprise for Cecilia so I went to the train station to meet her, telling Pattie and Cecilia that I had forgotten an ingredient for the eggplant lasagna I was preparing as my contribution to the party spread. Believing that family should never miss an opportunity to get together, here they are: Cecilia, Cedric and Madeline; obviously I am added to the mix in the photo below.
Madeline had spent the day in Toronto to see the art fair, which she plans to participate in next year. Cedric and I returned to Montreal after a week in Mississauga for a few more days (highlights: hearing Stevie Wonder at the Jazz Festival, wandering the old port, China town, and going to a farmer's market that was absolutely enormous) before I flew to Winnipeg and Cedric bused to Lennoxville where Bishop's is. I visited old friends in Winnipeg, went sailing at Gimli, did some business then on to Seattle. Richard picked me up at the airport, took care of me for a night, then Arlene put me on a train to Wenatchee where Megan stood waiting.

Mary's Summer 2009 Part 1

My summer holiday started mid June with a visit to Louisiana. Ed and Mitzi took care of me again and Mom and Dad kept me entertained with discussions on books and their trip to Israel. Edwin Noah was visiting as well and I sure enjoyed his company - what a great boy! I left them to visit Madeline in Montreal. Here she is with her back balcony garden. I adore Montreal!
Madeline works at a stamp making shop. She is the smallest person who works there but runs the biggest machines as she does her part of the stamp making process. As well she meets the customers and takes their orders. I loved her shop and the people she works with.

Monday, July 27, 2009


The blog has had a facelift and this is why:

My sister Mary is visiting me on the farm this July to pick vegetables, be amused by goats, hold kittens, collect eggs and admire the various gardens. The visit has inspired us to recreate this blog as shared space and posting responsibilities.

So, this site, which was asleep for many months, is awake again as a joint endeavor.

Two Sisters. Two Countries. Two Lives. One Blog!