Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mary's Summer 2009 Part 2

For those of you who don't know, I have three children: Cecilia, Madeline and Cedric. Cecilia is studying opera performance - she is a soprano - and will begin her fourth year at the University of Brandon this September; Madeline graduated from Concordia University in Montreal with a BFA last year; Cedric will be in his third year at Bishop's University studying physics and math.

Cedric joined Madeline and myself in Montreal and we had a wonderful time exploring the city.
Cedric and I stayed in a house I was able to rent for eight days. Then he and I took a bus to Toronto where we were met by Cecilia, who was staying in Mississauga with her Bel Canto singing teacher. Cedric and I stayed at a motel, an easy walking distance from Pattie's apartment, where Cecilia was staying; in exchange for room and board and voice lessons, Cecilia was doing child care - a good deal for both.

Madeline joined us in Mississauga to hear Cecilia sing for Pattie's birthday party. She was a surprise for Cecilia so I went to the train station to meet her, telling Pattie and Cecilia that I had forgotten an ingredient for the eggplant lasagna I was preparing as my contribution to the party spread. Believing that family should never miss an opportunity to get together, here they are: Cecilia, Cedric and Madeline; obviously I am added to the mix in the photo below.
Madeline had spent the day in Toronto to see the art fair, which she plans to participate in next year. Cedric and I returned to Montreal after a week in Mississauga for a few more days (highlights: hearing Stevie Wonder at the Jazz Festival, wandering the old port, China town, and going to a farmer's market that was absolutely enormous) before I flew to Winnipeg and Cedric bused to Lennoxville where Bishop's is. I visited old friends in Winnipeg, went sailing at Gimli, did some business then on to Seattle. Richard picked me up at the airport, took care of me for a night, then Arlene put me on a train to Wenatchee where Megan stood waiting.

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