Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I took a trip this month with Betsy May & Reuben back to Louisiana. We stayed with my brother Ed and his wife Mitzi. We had a really good time visiting with the folks, playing pool, walking and of course eating good southern food.
Digger - a real good dog.

The Pool King

Mitzi taught a few pool pointers to the Bets and Reuben.

Dad walking Sandy - another good dog.

Love those country roads. The other nice part of the trip was the warm weather! '70 - '80's when we were there and no rain.

The second part of the trip Bets, Reuben & I drove to St. Joseph - the town where the kids got their start - as one of our old neighbors, Mrs. Ratcliff told them.

We went to church - the church my Dad was priest of after he left Panama.

The kids spent their time with their Dad - and I stayed with the sweetest Ladies of St. Joe. We played Scrabble, "Golf" & "Oh Heck" (two card games) and just had a great time talking, laughing and reminiscing.

One other cool thing - I drove the kids on the Levee - I used to drive it with my Dad's Chevy, but this time it was my Mom's Honda.

The "Good-bye Shots"

We had a great time - see you next year Mom & Dad!

Farm Fall Exercise Program

With the changing of warm weather to cold I start to contemplate on how I am going to get my needed exercise. It's not so easy since I rebel going outside when it is cold. My latest idea is "Goat Walking"

I figure if I convince myself that the goats really need to go for walks and wouldn't it be fun to walk with the goats that I may actually bother to put all the layers of clothes on that I need to stay warm and venture out.
Arlene joined me on my first "Goat Walk"

It is fun, and I have done it since Arlene left, with Keith, though I haven't done it enough for it to qualify as a "program" - but it's sunny outside today, maybe I will go out with the goats...does anyone want to join me....any old time?