Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Farm Fall Exercise Program

With the changing of warm weather to cold I start to contemplate on how I am going to get my needed exercise. It's not so easy since I rebel going outside when it is cold. My latest idea is "Goat Walking"

I figure if I convince myself that the goats really need to go for walks and wouldn't it be fun to walk with the goats that I may actually bother to put all the layers of clothes on that I need to stay warm and venture out.
Arlene joined me on my first "Goat Walk"

It is fun, and I have done it since Arlene left, with Keith, though I haven't done it enough for it to qualify as a "program" - but it's sunny outside today, maybe I will go out with the goats...does anyone want to join me....any old time?

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Beer Books and Bio-Informatics said...

I remember when I started at Immy, Carol Ware had me house-sit for her while she was on vacation, and one of my duties was walking their goats! One of them was really scary with sharp horns, you didn't dare turn your back on him.

PS. Your Brother's tent website is really cool! I wish him great success with it, I think it will be!