Saturday, October 17, 2009

Nomadic Comfort

Check out our brother Richard's web site - Nomadic Comfort.
(click on "nomadic comfort" to take you to the website)

Amy, Kevin, Tyler, Susan, Arlene and Spaeztle are on the front page photo!!

It's all about a new type of tent he has created (with his friend John) based on Yurts

It's a very cool site, we would like it even if it wasn't owned by our brother. :-)


Rob said...

Cool. Also very similar to the Navajo Hogan.

Speaking of spaetzle, tell Keith that I just made a big batch of homemade spaetzle along with rouladen to celebrate my birthday and our anniverary.


Mary and Megan said...

Happy Birthday and Anniversary!
we love spaetzle - isn't it so much fun to make? I made liver spaetzle once - I do not reccommend - I love liver and I love spaetzle, but not the two together! What is rouladen?

Rob said...

Rouladen!!! You mean Keith never made rouladen for you?

It is a flat beef round steak (almost paper thin) to which you add salt, pepper and a combo of sauteed bacon, flat leaf parsley and onion.

Roll it up (hence the name rouladen for rolls in German) and tie or tooth pick it. Brown it well and then deglaze the pan and allow it to braise for a couple of hours on low until it will be fork tender.

You can thicken the gravy (us Charriers love gravy!) and then serve with the spaetzle and some red cabbage.

Be sure to remove the thread or toothpicks otherwise there will be trouble.

I can also give you a recipe for Liver Dumplings that Nana made as did my Mom.

And for all of the ttrout Keith caught - try making Blauen Traut - another Nana favorite.

Sorry for the length of this post.

Mary and Megan said...

I'ld love the recipes Rob! No Keith has never cooked rouladen,when I asked him about it he kind of described it but he couldn't remember it completely - just that he liked it :-). It's so nice to have recipes that have been handed down in the family - a treasured gift. and don't apologize for the length of a post - it's a great post!

Rob said...

Great. Thank you. Just didn't want to hijack your topic.

I'll assemble a few recipes - liver dumplings, kartofel schnitz und spaetzle suppe, maultaschen (German ravioli), etc

And rouladen is excellent made with bison or venison as well.

Hope you're both doing well.