Monday, October 5, 2009

Pioneer Days in Entiat

The Town of Entiat celebrated Pioneer Day. The school buses arrived at the Museum grounds,

where different stations of by-gone days were set-up.
The school children learned about washing clothes in a tub, cider making, and churning butter.
There was also quilting - they got to try their had at "tying" the quilt.
Everyone dressed up for the occasion.

I was there with my goats, Tuffy & Girly-girl talking about the goats and milking.
One girl asked if she could give the goat a hug - I said sure and it was beautiful - but I didn't get any photos. The goats were not the only animals, there was a horse and bunnies.

The spinning ladies brought the rabbits - fibre rabbits!

It was a lot of fun and I was so proud of my goats because they really behaved themselves and didn't seem to mind being petted a thousand times over!

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Padre Mickey said...

Great photos, as always, but I was wondering if anyone portraying the indigenous people came running out to scare off the pioneers? Or had these pioneers already run off the locals?