Monday, October 5, 2009

New Critters on the Farm!

I got a phone call last monday from a man who works with the husband of a friend that I knit with.....he was looking for someone to buy his two dairy goats that he could no longer keep. He made a really good offer...
after thinking about it for a day I decided that Yes it would be great to have more dairy goats!

This is Vanessa (Keith named her) She is a Saeen goat.
and this is Ella May (Keith & I both named her - me the Ella and Keith the May) she is a Nubian goat. They both have adjusted well with the herd. It's so much fun to have BIG goats. They look like small horses to us!!

I'll have better photos next post.
Still sunny skies on the Farm - Time for a Cocktail - Cheers!

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Padre Mickey said...

I love goats. They have such great eyes, and they have such fun personalities. I like pigs, too!