Monday, April 30, 2012

In The Garden

The sun is shining.
With the warm weather, the snow in the mountains is melting which means The River is rising.
Soon Keith will put the irrigation "stuff" in the river to start watering the hay fields.

All this beautiful weather is making so many plants come alive.
The fruit trees are blooming,


even the old cherry tree.

Asparagus and rhubarb are popping up,

so we've planted the potatoes and onions.
And there is so much green in the Green House!

All of this makes us smile and even dance!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Turks sing "Don't Fence Me In"

But we don't listen.
Farmer Keith finished the new fencing for Turkey Gultch.
We think it will keep the big boys from flying up into the rafters to roost and keep those hens from flying out to nest.
And we are happy that they get to finally enjoy the green grass!

Poor Ducky's "pond" had seen a few too many winters and wasn't holding the water anymore.
With the arrival of the good weather we knew we needed to get her a new one.
We think she's a happy duck!

she even did a little "vogueing"

"my right side"

"my left side"

"my tushy.
 Look out out Daisy, there's a new duck in town!"

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Turkey Tragedy....

Yesterday afternoon I made a grissly discovery.
A mama Turkey was off her nest, but the chicks in the nest were dead. Flatten. Squished.
And yet the Mama hen went back to her nest when she saw me and began her protection stance.
Farmer Keith and I went into action. He got ready the tank for containing the chicks and I got food & water ready. Then I went in the room to do battle with the Mama hens. To get them off the nest and out of the room. Using my wool shirt and a piece of cardboard I manage to get them out and rescue the remaining chickies. Amazingly there were 7 still alive. Five were under Turkey Hen 3. All of Turkey Hen 1 were dead and Turkey Hen 2 still had 2 alive though one was very weak.
I'm happy to report that all 7 have survived their first night in their new "nest"
The Mama's are still going back to their nests, even though I cleaned them out. When I shoo them out they end up fighting with the Turkey Hen that didn't get broody.

I have no idea why those Mamas didn't take care of their chickies.

Here's a few pictures of the rescue babies.

The turkey chicks are in the same room as the incubator, which we set up this past weekend.

Hopefully we will have more chicks in May.

Monday, April 23, 2012


A week ago Monday we heard wee peeps coming out from under the Turkey Hens in their nests.
The hens are very protective and it has been difficult to just see the chicks,
nevertheless, on different mornings I've gotten counts and some photos.
 Right now I think two hens have hatched their eggs: T.Hen 1 with 4 chicks; T.Hen 2 with 3 chicks; and T.Hen3 still sitting on her eggs.
These are photos taken over the week...

Whenever I come to see the chicks the Papas come into the "ante-room". They can't get into the room where the Mamas are  so this photo reminds me of Visiting Day at the Maternity Ward in Hospital.

In case you are wondering the chicken chicks are doing great and growing fast.

The Mama Hen is also protective, just like the Turkey Hens she doesn't seem to like the paparazzi.

In the meanwhile Farmer Keith is getting Turkey Gultch fixed up so the Toms and Turkey Hen4 can get outside and we will have no worries of them flying out or roosting up in the barn.
It's going to be so sweet to see the young turks out in their yard this summer!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Well, well, well said Farmer Keith.

A deep subject came up at WC Fields this week.
Our well needs to be inspected to see if it can accommodate two homes.
Much to our surprise when Keith dragged the lid off with his tractor all that could be seen was dirt!
The Well Man left with these parting words "I wonder if it's a real well?"
Which was a bit troubling.
He also said he will come back when Keith has the dirt removed.

"Farmer Keith and his Crew"

At the bottom Keith found the well - and it is Real,

which makes him very Happy!
Now we wait for Well Man to return.
More than likely our well will not be enough for two homes and we will either have this one dug deeper or have a new one dug for the new home.
But those are thoughts for another day.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Swallow Fest 2012

 The Swallow Festival Parade is the Best. Any one can join - there are no forms to fill out -  just show up at the starting spot before noon and get in line.
The parade begins when the Queen gets in the special Swallow Truck.
This year Keith got Gertie ready for the parade, washed her, new side mirrors and windshield wipers, a bail of hay, our Lucky plastic rooster and a couple of signs that read "WC FIELDS - Making Hay and Getting Laid....Eggs that is!" 
We wore our best "farm" outfits. We were ready to go, but Gertie wasn't.
She didn't like the stop and go slow pace of the parade.
 Before we got on the main strip her engine temperature was reading 190.
 When she got to 210 degrees we killed her engine and pushed the old Gal.
 But it was all Good!
A few photos, taken by me, our friend Esther and my brother Richard will make you feel like you 
are there!

bikers love this festival!

The Swallow Truck!
We are in Farm Country!

The Entiat Marching Band!
A couple of crazy Farmers!
Is he going to jump us?

Guess I just needed a hug....
It was a lot of Fun!
Now back to Work!