Saturday, April 21, 2012

Well, well, well said Farmer Keith.

A deep subject came up at WC Fields this week.
Our well needs to be inspected to see if it can accommodate two homes.
Much to our surprise when Keith dragged the lid off with his tractor all that could be seen was dirt!
The Well Man left with these parting words "I wonder if it's a real well?"
Which was a bit troubling.
He also said he will come back when Keith has the dirt removed.

"Farmer Keith and his Crew"

At the bottom Keith found the well - and it is Real,

which makes him very Happy!
Now we wait for Well Man to return.
More than likely our well will not be enough for two homes and we will either have this one dug deeper or have a new one dug for the new home.
But those are thoughts for another day.

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April said...

That looks like a piece of work there, Farmer Keith. The title of your blog post was a funny coincidence as Rob had just been telling me a out an onion post of the same name -,27979/.
P.s I may call you later cuz one of the birds is not doing well... Sweet peep...
love, April