Monday, April 16, 2012

Swallow Fest 2012

 The Swallow Festival Parade is the Best. Any one can join - there are no forms to fill out -  just show up at the starting spot before noon and get in line.
The parade begins when the Queen gets in the special Swallow Truck.
This year Keith got Gertie ready for the parade, washed her, new side mirrors and windshield wipers, a bail of hay, our Lucky plastic rooster and a couple of signs that read "WC FIELDS - Making Hay and Getting Laid....Eggs that is!" 
We wore our best "farm" outfits. We were ready to go, but Gertie wasn't.
She didn't like the stop and go slow pace of the parade.
 Before we got on the main strip her engine temperature was reading 190.
 When she got to 210 degrees we killed her engine and pushed the old Gal.
 But it was all Good!
A few photos, taken by me, our friend Esther and my brother Richard will make you feel like you 
are there!

bikers love this festival!

The Swallow Truck!
We are in Farm Country!

The Entiat Marching Band!
A couple of crazy Farmers!
Is he going to jump us?

Guess I just needed a hug....
It was a lot of Fun!
Now back to Work!


Amy said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Too bad Gertie couldn't take the stop and go pace. Was it difficult to push?

Alyssa said...

Hahaha...I wondered how Gertie would make it! I love your hair! So hip :)

libraryminion said...

Hi There, from your cousin Susan in Texas. The festival looks wonderful.
All here, Dad i.e. Uncle Bob, Jeanne & my ownself are doing well. Best to one & all.

Esther said...

Thanks so much for helping with the booksale, Megan!