Thursday, April 12, 2012

Miss Gertie

It's almost Swallow Fest Time! That is when the town of Ardenvoir celebrate the return of the Swallows to the Valley. Whoever guesses closest to the day that the first swallow is spotted (and yes there is an official Swallow Spotter) gets to be King/Queen of the Parade. And the Parade is the Best!

Last year Keith drove Max (the porsche) in the parade, and this year he is getting "Gertie" the MG Midget ready. She hasn't been on the road in years. Keith had to do some work on her, got her some new side mirrors and windshield wipers. She needs more work but he got her running.

We took her for a little test ride down to Ardenvoir and then a bit up river.
She is a swell ride!

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Amy said...

Sweet ride Dad!