Monday, April 23, 2012


A week ago Monday we heard wee peeps coming out from under the Turkey Hens in their nests.
The hens are very protective and it has been difficult to just see the chicks,
nevertheless, on different mornings I've gotten counts and some photos.
 Right now I think two hens have hatched their eggs: T.Hen 1 with 4 chicks; T.Hen 2 with 3 chicks; and T.Hen3 still sitting on her eggs.
These are photos taken over the week...

Whenever I come to see the chicks the Papas come into the "ante-room". They can't get into the room where the Mamas are  so this photo reminds me of Visiting Day at the Maternity Ward in Hospital.

In case you are wondering the chicken chicks are doing great and growing fast.

The Mama Hen is also protective, just like the Turkey Hens she doesn't seem to like the paparazzi.

In the meanwhile Farmer Keith is getting Turkey Gultch fixed up so the Toms and Turkey Hen4 can get outside and we will have no worries of them flying out or roosting up in the barn.
It's going to be so sweet to see the young turks out in their yard this summer!


Amy said...

The turkey chicks are so cute! Wish the kids could be there to see them in person. :)

Megan said...

us too!