Monday, May 19, 2008

Big River

A few shots of the Mighty Entiat.

Mile 22, looking down

Tyee Mountain

Box Canyon

Our Bridge.

Bees, Flowers & Outdoor Furniture

Come out for a visit, sit a spell and relax!

The Birth of a Vineyard - Part One

Our neighbor Fern & her Dad, Les, dug the new irrigation ditch for us. Keith was very happy not to have to do that himself!

The PVC pipe lays parallel with the old irrigation line.

Each riser is 9 feet apart. There are two lines, with a filter system for each line.With this system we will be able to turn on any or all of the lines for the whole 3 acres of vineyard.

Each riser has a Tee that will connect the black drip hose that runs above the ground.

Keith is right now out in the Vineyard covering up the Ditch. Soon we will roll out the drip line and mark the rows with string to indicate where we dig the holes for the vines.

Goats & Cow

The Kidds are growing and are amusing to watch. The latest game of theirs is "Hop on Cow"

Richard & Arlene were lucky to capture it on film.

I'll try to get some videos of the little ones playing.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Who needs TV when you have a River to Watch?

It's been hot these last few days. That always means snow melt and high water levels in the river. Anne-Renee came over this weekend and shared our fun of "watching the river" which included a drive to checkout the Entiat River Falls and Box Canyon. Here's a little snippet of how we pass the time of day in the Valley...

Sunday morning the phone rings; it's The Roundy's, our neighbors at mile 14 calling to tell us that a log jam had broke loose and it was coming down the river towards us. Hearing the news, Anne-Renee & I ran out to the bridge to watch for it; Keith hopped on the quad, radio in hand, to go along Long's Trail as a look-out for the logs, A-R had the other radio, awaiting the reports from Keith. I had the camera to capture the thrilling event.

Today is Monday, and the heat is lowering and so is the River. I thought you might enjoy a list of the latest news on the farm:

  • The Lilacs are in full bloom.
  • The Hawthorn Tree is budding.
  • The fruit trees have bloomed and are making fruit.
  • In the garden, potatoes, radishes are poking their heads out.
  • We are harvesting rhubarb, chives, and lettus.
  • Valentino is taller than the other Kidds (cute photos to be posted soon)
  • The Hay is taller than Bandida!
  • Our vine grapes arrive tomorrow - 500 of them - which means we have 500 1 ft. cubed holes to dig!!
  • I've made two batches of French Style Chevre cheese.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Last Weekend was Huge - Lots to Report!

Time is flying at WC Fields! We had a wonderful visit from my brothers, Butch (from LA) Richard & sister (in law) Arlene. We had them help us with lots of "Farm Fun" (chores) and shared great dinners and music. It was a jammed packed weekend, the only way to do it justice is with many posts highlighting the different "events" (There are 9 new post so check to make sure you've seen them all!)

Tuesday coming back from milking Pork Chop, this beautiful complete rainbow appeared. By the time I got my camera it was dissapearing but still it is captured.

Pork Chop Update

Pork Chop is doing fine. The vet prescribed yogurt, tums, & aspirin. I also put a hot water bottle over her gassy stomach and massage out the burps. Arlene was kind enough to document the whole process.

Fletchers is very curious of the goings ons with Pork Chop.

I think she is telling him, " Mind your own business, Thank You very Much!"

What do you think?

I'm administrating the yogurt with a syringe. She doesn't care for it and fights it off

If you look closely (click on the photo and it enlarges) at the photo above you see that Pork Chop & I use our tongues in similar fashion!

All Done! Good Girl!
Now for the massage...

hmmmm...lets work it out girl...

That's the way!
"Who's that coming?"
"Oh it's Richard, Hello!"
Really, I think Pork Chop & I are starting to look alike, fronts & bottoms!

Thanks for that photo Arlene, just like a sister!!

Hoofing It

Since I had the stanchion in place, I would give the goats a "hoof-icure" Yikes, their hoofs were in bad shape, I was not a good goat lady for letting them get that bad.

They are better now and I will do it more often from now on!

Milking time again

The babies are sharing the milk with me, whether they like it or not. By their constant cries of "BaMaaaa, BaMaaaa, BaMaaaaaaa!" I'm guessing they don't like it, but they are old enough and are eating hay and goat feed on their own. Hay & goat feed probably isn't as good as Ma's Teat though.

Me Milking Pork Chop

Valentino Milking Girly-Girl!

Speaking of Girly-Girl, I tried milking her twice, once on my own and once with Keith's assistance, but it was to no avail. She kicks and hollers and kicks some more, then starts shaking it seems from fear, so I've given up! No milk from her. That means I won't get her pregnant again this year, so that means I'll only have Tuffy to milk next spring. sigh.