Sunday, May 4, 2008

Wheel lines

Butch, Richard, Arlene, Keith & I, following Keiths commands moved this wheel line from the alfalfa field near the yurt to the grass field across and through the goat/cow pen. The sections are heavy, no pictures of the actual move, we were all working, but here is a photo of the end result!

Farmer Keith is very happy, Thanks Guys!!

Farmer Keith has been working on the irrigation system all week. He almost has it all together. He made three repairs on the main line that was leaking....he would have had it finished yesterday, but discovered that he was missing one small part....he had bought it, but it might have got mixed up with the recycle he was dumping....luckily he went to Cooper's this morning and the new owner had not gotten rid of the old hardware supplies and in the mix of stuff was a few items Keith could put together to make it work. Hopefully the lines will be running tomorrow!

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