Sunday, May 4, 2008

Rooster Brigade

In the middle of the night (well when it gets dark around 9PM) the Rooster Brigade went to work. Megan posted in the Rooster room caught two roosters at a time, carried them upside down by their feet, to the awaiting relay team by the front door of the chicken house. She gave the signal - "got them"- and Arlene opened the door - the first relayer, she clasped the lovely yellow legs and walked down the hill to Butch, the gate keeper, he opened the door to the cow/goat pen, she crept in, not wanting to wake the sleeping cow, and placed the docil rooster on the ground near the new roost. In the meantime the rest of the relay team, Richard & Keith. were recieving more roosters, two at a time from Megan, and heading down the hill. Soon 6 roosters were in the pen, only 3 were left, when suddenly the cow awoke!

"Who's this in my house?" "Moooooerwooerw!" "Get out, Get out, all of you!" "Moooooerwooerw!"

The cow starts to chase the roosters, using his head and horns to move them out. The relay team got the heck out! The rest of the roosters were tossed in, the gate closed quickly and the Brigade watched, hoping the cow wouldn't bust down the fence. It was decided that our presence was not helping the situation. Off the Rooster Brigade went, back to their safe warm beds, with the hopes that all would be fine in the morning.

Morning did bring peace to the land. The cow is accepting the new residents...

...for the most part!

The fence is still standing and all is good. The roosters are enjoying being outside and the farm is really starting to look like a real farm!

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