Sunday, May 18, 2008

Who needs TV when you have a River to Watch?

It's been hot these last few days. That always means snow melt and high water levels in the river. Anne-Renee came over this weekend and shared our fun of "watching the river" which included a drive to checkout the Entiat River Falls and Box Canyon. Here's a little snippet of how we pass the time of day in the Valley...

Sunday morning the phone rings; it's The Roundy's, our neighbors at mile 14 calling to tell us that a log jam had broke loose and it was coming down the river towards us. Hearing the news, Anne-Renee & I ran out to the bridge to watch for it; Keith hopped on the quad, radio in hand, to go along Long's Trail as a look-out for the logs, A-R had the other radio, awaiting the reports from Keith. I had the camera to capture the thrilling event.

Today is Monday, and the heat is lowering and so is the River. I thought you might enjoy a list of the latest news on the farm:

  • The Lilacs are in full bloom.
  • The Hawthorn Tree is budding.
  • The fruit trees have bloomed and are making fruit.
  • In the garden, potatoes, radishes are poking their heads out.
  • We are harvesting rhubarb, chives, and lettus.
  • Valentino is taller than the other Kidds (cute photos to be posted soon)
  • The Hay is taller than Bandida!
  • Our vine grapes arrive tomorrow - 500 of them - which means we have 500 1 ft. cubed holes to dig!!
  • I've made two batches of French Style Chevre cheese.

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