Sunday, May 4, 2008

Last Weekend was Huge - Lots to Report!

Time is flying at WC Fields! We had a wonderful visit from my brothers, Butch (from LA) Richard & sister (in law) Arlene. We had them help us with lots of "Farm Fun" (chores) and shared great dinners and music. It was a jammed packed weekend, the only way to do it justice is with many posts highlighting the different "events" (There are 9 new post so check to make sure you've seen them all!)

Tuesday coming back from milking Pork Chop, this beautiful complete rainbow appeared. By the time I got my camera it was dissapearing but still it is captured.


April said...

Now I'm mostly caught up - I'd been wondering what was going on over there... Love the rainbow - gotta share the animal pics w/ kids soon... miss you all and the farm.
Love ~ April

MissGlimpseBlogSpot said...

Thanks for the nice words about our fury buddy- we got his remains back today and it just got all depressing again. I wonder if I lived on a farm if I woudl not be such a big cry baby at death. WHat do think? Here is to a great farm season:)