Saturday, October 17, 2009

Farm Gallery Glamour Shots

Ducky Strikes a Pose

Ella May and Venassa

Ella May is a bit akward in front of the camera,

however, Vanessa loves the camera

"Red & White"

The kidds love being in the Big Girl's Pen.

The Roosters

"Edward" (Coocoo Moran)

"Eugene" (Polish)

"Raymond"- spanish pronounciation please (Ameraucana)

The Cats

"Carol Jean"

"Carol Jean" & "Ned"

" Ginger"





"Jimmy" & "Ned"

"Ed" & "Carol Jean"


Franny went missing for 1 1/2 weeks. Keith found her coincidently by "Franny's Place". She was very skinny (she's tiny normally, but she was mostly fur & bones) and her right lip had been wounded. She stayed at the barn the first day back, but by the next day she was residing at the Farm House. She is officially a house cat now and she loves it!

I didn't get good shots of all the kitties, I still need to photo, "Mary", "Jehd", "Butchy", "Lizzy" and "Phyllis T.".

Anyone who knows our family/ friends, should be able to see the pattern of the names.

And last Bandida....
The Grand Dame

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