Monday, October 5, 2009

Fruits of the Farm

This harvest season I've been canning - last year I mostly froze everything - but this year it's back to canning. I even did some pressure-cooker canning.

Even though I think I've done a lot, it feels like I should have done more. I wonder if that is a typical sentiment amongst Farmers?

The hens are laying! It's so much fun having all the different color eggs.

I've sewn a few aprons this summer, the first one is a deconstructed dress I bought at Ross. I used an old-time hanky as the pockets - perfect for egg collecting.

This is an apron I made from a vintage pattern - the fabric is an old sheet and pieces I bought at a thrift store. I'm trying to sew everything from used material - sheets are great because there is so much fabric.

This last apron is my own design - it's a tushy apron. The outside is made from the grain bags that our animal feed come in. We have so many of these bags - the manufacturers have switched from paper to this plastic weave - which does not recycle. So I've been coming up with ideas on how to reuse them. This is the first project. It wraps around your tushy and there are ties for your legs and waist. It's for sitting down on barnyard floors or in the garden. Takes the place of the mat you drag around in the garden. This way the seat goes with you. And if it gets dirty you just wipe it off.

The back is fabric from an old bed cover. No more poop on my tush!

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