Saturday, March 14, 2009

Morning Feed Program

It's still cold on the Farm. Mornings start off around 10 degrees and most days stay around freezing. But the sky is blue and the sun does come out so it's not all bad. But still too cold for the chicks to move out to the barn AND they are growing. So much so that they have out grown the mini-brooder. Found the littlest chick squished under the water doohicky - luckily I must have found the chick early on because she is still alive and kicking - a little lopsided for a couple of hours, but she has since straightened out. That incident meant it was time for a change.

Keith brought the big brooder into the office - we couldn't figure out what else to do - nothing like having the Barn come into the house.

They seem pretty happy in their roomy bin.
On to goat news, I finally have a regular feeding/milking schedule. It only took one month to get it worked out. Thought I would take you with me thru the morning feed routine.

The goats are always hanging out by the Rocks - watching me as I get the food ready for delivery.

First on the feed list are the barns cats, then the chickens. Since the sun has been out, a wee bit of their yard as become exposed, so outside they go for a little fresh air.

The cats see the chickens for the first time.

The male goats & the four roosters who have stayed with them over the winter get fed next. Then it's back to the loading station to fill the sled with hay for the Mama's and Kidds.

The goats follow along inside their fence keeping an eye on the food I suppose.

The manger gets stocked first - this is where I bring the milking goats to stay during the day, until the evening milk. At night they go back to the main barn to be with the Kidds.
Here I am getting the Mama's from the main barn to take them to the Manger.

This was the first time Daisy came on her own free will - most days I have to use the new chute to catch her then use a leash to get her to the Manger. Today was a good day. Cinder is turning out to be a good goat herder.

With the Mama's secured I then feed the Kidds and Girly-girl.

Feeding Time

This is the new chute - it's the crate that was used to ship the Yurts dome. It makes a perfect goat chute!

Just a short video of the Kidds running on the snow - just for fun.

Around 5 in the afternoon I let the Mama's out of the Manger - they follow me to the Parlour where I hook Brandy & Tuffy near some hay and start the milking with Daisy. The milking is going really well - finally!
The next step is weaning the Kidds completely from their Mamas to increase the milking to twice a day. That won't happen till the ground thaws so Keith can put electric wire around the Manger making it safe during the night. They will have to stay away from the kidds completely for one month, then they can be reunited without danger of the kidds nursing - at least that's what I'm counting on.

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granny said...

Good Job, Megan! Sounds like a busy day everyday for you. By the way, Thank YOU for the good advice for Ben and Amy! I really like that the internet can be a forum for each other's needs and questions.