Friday, February 6, 2009

Seven Kidds!

The last week of January, Brandy (who I thought wasn't pregnant) gave birth to one kidd, the next day Daisy gave birth to two. One of them was a runt; Daisy didn't want anything to do with that kidd and we were not surprised (or horrified) to find it dead the next morning.

Valentino & Sparky with some of the Roosters - all have fared well this winter.
Franny prefers the goat water to her own water.

The other five kidds are doing great.

Doesn't Brandy look like her mom Porkchop?
Brandy's female kidd is the one on top of one of the older males!

She came out full of spirit!

Brandy is a good mom - they all are.

Daisy's Kidd looks just like her - the youngest of the group.

"Life in the Barn"

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