Monday, December 14, 2009

The Before During and After Thanksgiving Post

Finally getting around to writing a bit about what has been happening at the Farm....

The weekend before Thanksgiving we got a wee bit of snow and a fun visit from our friends Jeff,Sheryl and their dogs Olo and Marshall.

There is always music being made when they come over!

Olo looking like a dog from a Disney film...

Marshall being the Cool Dude,

and Bandida being the "Noisy One", with Spaetzle ignoring her.

After they left we got ready for Thanksgiving...
We Thanked the Tom Turkey for being our Main Dish,

I remembered to take photos before I cooked the meal, but forgot completely about the" after cooking before eating" shots

Trust me that he looked scrumptious cooked and was delicious! The best part of the Holiday was the wonderful visit with Alyssa, Moroni, Arlene and Richard!

I did get shots of the next day table though...

Moroni helped me with the morning chores - he even wore the appropriate sweat shirt!
After they all went home our thoughts turned to getting ready for the next Holiday.
Luckily the first week of December we finally got snow that seems to guarantee a White Christmas ... and enough accumulation that Keith felt compelled to shovel it.

That same week the river began to do its trick of freezing from the bottom up - I'll post later some more photos as the ice piles up.

Here are some snaps of the winter morning routine....

do you think we have enough barn cats? All are doing far.
Hope everyone is doing great!


Padre Mickey said...

As always, great photos!

granny said...

I love these photos!! Wow!!! that's a lotta cats!

Seema said...

Great picture of so many cats together