Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Goat Manuevers

The grass in "Turkey Gulch" was getting out of control.
To tackle the situation we called Tuffy, Girly-Girl, Ella Mae and Vanessa into active duty.
They are the experts when it comes to mowing down grass!

The roosters and turkeys were not amused at first but now they are putting up with the hoofed creatures, especially since those girls have the grass more manageable for them.

The other part of the plan is putting into place part two of Weaning Jack & Jill.
Part one was keeping them in the Nursery where they could still see and smell Tuffy, but couldn't get a hold of her teats.
With Tuffy next door at "Turkey Gulch" I moved the Kidds into "Fletcher's Field" with Daisy & Brandy. I'm hoping that by the time The Big Girls finish the job over at "TG", the Kidds will be completely weaned from Tuffy and all 8 goats can be together in "F. Fields".

Jack is very friendly and loves to jump onto my back, Jill is still a bit stand offish but a sweet heart just the same!

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