Sunday, September 26, 2010

Summer 2010 Started in Mexico, Checking Out the New School

I was in Mexico City for 5 days. First came work: meeting with Jutty, my boss and director of the school. Here she is with Bill aka Guillermo, at dinner. She hosted me in her apartment. What you see next are views from her apartment, which by the by is my apartment block as well.
The Block is call La Triada and I live in Tower B, Jutty lives in Tower C. What you see is the center, common area...

and a view across this little part of the city. The Peterson School is just around the corner.

On Saturday we played. First to dinner at a fancy restaurant called San Angel, right across from Diego Rivera´s house and Frida Kahlo's blue house. The houses are linked on the roof so Diego could visit Frida when he chose. While we could go on the roof, the pass was blocked and guards
made sure we honored the restraints.

The restaurant was once a monestery.

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