Saturday, October 9, 2010

The 2010 Summer Holiday Really Began In Montreal

Ben, my daughter Madeline's dearest friend, loaned me his apartment for the duration of my stay. What a great guy! Montreal apartments can be tiny but are definitely charming. At least the apartments where Madeline stays are always in older character buildings. Ben's apartment is in a building right next to Madeline's so we were always together even while separate.
This is Madeline in her apartment. While I slept in Ben's apartment, I ate my meals in Madeline's. Both apartments had books, so I was happy. Madeline's apartment has lots of colour while Ben's is the classic white and wood tones. Madeline's apartment is definitely bigger...

...important since it is here that she both lives and does her art: two glimpses of her studio.
And here is the neioghbourhood where they live...
Madeline and Ben walking to work, while I trail behind briefly then say goodbye at Central Stamp. While they earn their bread and butter, I wend my independent way. Madeline took her holidays while I was there to help me find my way around. Such fun!

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