Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cold Cold Days

It has been a very cold New Year.
The mornings start with temperature readings below zero, warming up by 3pm to balmy numbers between 8 and 12 degrees. However there has been no wind and lots of sun which equates to Beauty.

The river is beginning to freeze, on top and from the bottom up.
The Entiat River is one of the few rivers in North America (the world?) where ice will form on the bottom of the river bed while the top water rushes over. It's amazing to see....hard to explain and photograph - at least for us, we need some of our great photographer friends - Kiley, Rob, Guy, Kent, Didi - to come over and capture this phenomenon.

This is a fun "sculpture" of snow and ice.

The snow started to slide off the roof of this shed, then it turn cold and ice formed underneath.

We have made snow trails around the farm....

for Fun Farm Snow Walks!

Cinder is so pretty and so cold!

After being out for her chilly walks she loves to snuggle in the blankets.

Cinder, Bandida and Franny were all sleeping together on the Chaise, but as soon as we brought out the camera they started to scram. I don't think they want anyone to know that they can get along.
Reminds me of our House of Representatives....
Besides standing by the fire, and cuddling with the dogs, I''m beginning a new project.
I'm piecing a quilt, using Keith's mom's house dresses, some old shirts of Keith's and my sewing scraps. This is my first patch using fabric from 2 house dresses and one shirt.
It's a 1898 Ladies' Art Company design called "Box Quilt".
I'm making it for our 1958 Shasta Trailer which we purchased back in August.
Only 79 more to go!

Speaking of August here's a little story...
we bought this trailer from our neighbor and wonderful lady, Musie.
Our plan is to get it running so that by October we can hire someone to feed the farm animals, pack up the dogs and head down the road with Shasta being pulled by Big Max(our gray truck) and visit some folks and see other sights.

Our friends Anne-Renee and Julie were with us that weekend when we picked up the trailer.
Typical of us we had chores for them. Julie and I worked in the garden, gathered vegies and cooked while...

A-R was given the task of making a Turkey Ramp.

- and didn't she do a fine job? I bet there is no better Turkey Ramp in the State of Washington!
We manage to get it in place - which was not easy, that thing is heavy!
There was just one problem - the turkeys wouldn't use it!

I had to go up there to coax them down - I got the lone rooster to come down then, well watch the video for the rest of the story...

We celebrated with the perfect wine courtesy of Anne-Renee!
How about one more look at a great summer day, just for old times sake...

Now back to the present.
Brrrrr...Happy New Year Everyone!


Padre Mickey said...

¡Feliz Año Nuevo to you and yours, Megan!

Anonymous said...

Oh my friend, from the moment I saw the sun in that first shot I thought to myself how I would love to photograph where you are. Please invite me again when I get back to your side of the ocean! Maybe next year. Maybe. sigh.