Saturday, April 12, 2008

Weekend of April 5

Arlene was the first to arrive for the weekend, making her the Lucky person who got to play Farm Chore with me. The object of the game was to empty, move and fill the water trough.

She was an excellant player. Why we had to move the trough is another episode.

Richard arrived Friday evening and then Reuben came by train Friday night.

Keith was away in NYC (another post for that trip)

Saturday was a big day in the Valley, because it was Firemans & EMT Appreciation Day. The Entiat Women's Club do a annual Spaghetti Dinner/ Auction to raise funds for the volunteer Fire Dept. It was a blast having Arlene, Richard & Reuben there. I was busy in the kitchen most of the day, but got to hang with them for a little while, long enough to bid on an afghan, which I won - nobody bid against me.

On Sunday we did a fun hike up a Hill on Longs Trail.

Here is a slide show of the hike.

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