Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Girly-girl gave birth to a Boy on Monday evening, April 21.

Only one kid, but he is a big one, he looks almost as big as the other kids look today!

We named him Valentino, because he is so pretty and looks like he has make-up on his eyes.

It was very Sunny on Tuesday when I took these photos, I was fighting shadows and bright sun.

He is only 12 hours old in these shots.

He has waddles like his Mommy!

(the little piece of furry flesh under the neck area)
He seems to get along just fine with the other Kidds.

On a sad note - I think Pork Chop is not feeling well. A lady stopped by on Tuesday to see the goats - she has raised many a goat in her past - and she thought that Porkchop's stomach was bloated and that she might have an infection in her uterous because she is still dripping blood - another lady said on Saturday that this is normal - but I think I am siding with the Tuesday Lady because it explains why Porkchop is behaving so mean towards me. I've called the vet and I'm waiting for a return call. The good side is that Porkchops udder looks fine and she is able to nurse her kids and they look just fine. So hopefully a shot of penniscillin will do the trick - of course that will delay when we will be able to drink the goats milk, but a healthy goat is what's most important.


broadbentoffice said...

Your new babies are so cute!! Makes me want to come visit your farm again! Lynne

broadbentoffice said...
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marc, michelle and Jackson said...

Such cute little babies! I love that blog address you gave me. Thank you, Thank you! I just took a quick look at it, but I am excited to look around it a little more in detail. Feel free to check out our blog anytime....I do a little blog stalking of your blog too. :)