Monday, June 30, 2008

Entiat Summer Fest 2008

Entiat celebrated it's annual "Summer Fest" This year it was at the City Park which was a beautiful setting, right on the banks of Lake Entiat (Columbia River)
9Am the Parade began.
In the lead was the Library's Summer Reading Kids Group.
Their slogan this year is "Catch The Reading Bug"
All the kids dressed up as Bugs and...

They used my car as their mascot and decorated it with Bugs!

These are the Campground Host. They were lots of fun, they handed out popsicles to everyone they met!
In the parade there were about 7 vehicles, kids on bikes and scooters. It was a short parade but it had a lot of Heart!

There even was a petting zoo.

The Women's Club had a booth - ours is the one in the middle.
We didn't sell anything, just had games for the kids to play.
They earned buttons when they played the games.
Then they got to exchange the buttons for prizes - we had stuffed animals, dolls, games, books, all kinds of fun summer stuff.
And the games were free - it was just about celebrating summer and living in Entiat.

We had "Bouncy Ball Obstacle Race",
which was a big hit.

A Fishing Pond, which of course was "Catch & Release".

And Farm Theme Bean Bag toss - Sheep with "Wool Bean Bags"
and a Rooster with "Egg Bean Bags"
And of course - the "Egg on a Spoon" Race. I saved some nice old eggs for this race!
In the background you see a pile of Hay. The Chamber hid pennies in the hay then let the kids loose in it. They had prizes they could exchange their pennies for.

When we ran out of prizes the Chamber of Commerce Booth accepted our buttons for their prizes and the Library exchanged buttons for books!
What a great Town we live in.
Arlene & our friend Sharon spent this weekend with us. Arlene took all these photos. With out their help I wouldn't have gotten the games ready, they helped me finish the Bean Bags and even loaded the truck for me, then they came by to visit our booth.
Arlene played the Egg/Spoon race and she won!
Then they went and got me food and came back when the Festival was over to help me clean up. I sure am lucky to have such great "Sisters"!

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