Sunday, June 22, 2008

Second Weekend in June

We had a great weekend with friends from the "Coast"

They all joined in for the Farm Fun...

First was "Milk the Goat"

Waiting at the gate while I go get the special grain.

Pork Chop said "Come on, I can handle all ya'lls!"

I got her primed, then turned her over to the gang....

first came Hilary,
followed by Kent,
Patty,Ken, and finally Quinn

Second on the program was
Feed the Hens, Roosters, Goats & Cow.

That started with a trip to the barn to get the grain and...
gather the egg!
Hilary fed the Roosters,

Then hustled on out of there has the goats and cow came running!

" mmmm , that was a good breakfast, Thanks." said Daisy-Millyer

"Over to the left, yeah that feels good Rooster."murmmered Girly-Girl
Looking Preety.

Every trip to the Farm has to include a walk to the Vineyard!

Back at the Homestead for Lunch and relaxation.

Keith had to work most of the time --he repaired the swather,

cut the hay,
Part 3 of "Farm Fun" is watching Keith Cut Hay!
and of course played with his Tractor.

All of them took a trip to Silver Falls while Keith & I napped.

All of the Puppies loved having the guests. The more hands to pet them the more they like it!

The last Fun Farm Fare was picking Rhubarb.

It sure was great seeing everyone!!
And a Big Thanks to Kent for taking all these photos!!!

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MissGlimpseBlogSpot said...

I am sure that your farm could be the photo spot for the offical counrty time lemonaid ads I remember from my youth! Look slike you had a great visit.