Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I've decided that I'm going to end blogging about the Farm.
Nothing drastic, I just want to try a different way of chronicling our Time on the Farm.
Not sure what that will be exactly - but I'm sure it will come about.
But please do come visit us - pet some babies animals, take rambling walks,
enjoy cocktails and listening to the river, frogs singing, roosters crowing and goats screaming.


MissGlimpseBlogSpot said...

That is sad for us but a new adventure for you:) Just please leave it up so I can visit by photos from the previous posts:)

Lynne said...

I still check in on the farm every so often! Maybe we can look forward to pics on facebook? Let us know of any big events! Thanks, Lynne

Lynne said...

Still check in on the farm every once in awhile! Hopefully we will see some pics on facebook! Let us know of any big events at the farm - Thanks, Lynne

Padre Mickey said...

But but but I really LIKE this blog!

April said...

that's too bad. we like catching up a bit and seeing your beautiful pictures, even though it isn't nearly so nice as actually being there with you all... want to come soon... but... life! But on the other hand, I can totally understand wanting to give it up and try something else. Love, April

Beer Books and Bio-Informatics said...

Hey Megan,

Randy here.... I know I don't keep in touch like I should, but I do enjoy reading your blog and seeing what you and Keith are up to, and I know other people follow your postings as well. If you keep posting, I will gladly keep reading, you have a nice way with words.... if not, then "I'll see you when I see you." (Gallipoli, movie reference) Your friend, Randy