Sunday, January 24, 2010

November in El Salvador

My ex-husband's half-sister's half-brother, Kenton, came to El Salvador in November to do some work for the Canadian government - helping poor areas develop sustainable businesses. He looked me up; having someone to go places with made all the difference in the world to me.
Kenton found a taxi driver, Jose Miguel, he could depend on to take him hither, thither and yon, so we used him on all excursions.
This is one place I had been dying to see so we went together. Joya de Ceren is a Maya farming village discovered in 1976 when the owner of the property was looking to plant more crops. When pre-hispanic items were found, he called in the authorities. A well-known anthropologist from Colorado came to lead the excavation. It is pre-hispanic, from around 600AD, and like Pompeii was buried under volcanic ash.
Interestingly enough no bodies were found, unlike Pompeii, even though utensils and half-eaten meals were identified. This area was probably inhabited as early as 900BC by the Mayans.
More evidence of the Mayan presence in El Salvador.

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