Friday, January 15, 2010

This and That thrown in with a lot of Catching Up

Meet Dudley - my new acquaintance.

Every morning for 20 or so minutes we attempt to bond with each other,
perhaps in the future we will be friends....
Aging makes you do things that only "old folks" do.

We've started to sell our chicken's eggs. They are laying about 15 eggs a day so we need to move them out the door. Whenever I go to a meeting (knitting or such) I take deviled eggs, or quiche, anything that uses a lot of eggs.
These next two photos are for my Mom's sake - she wants to see that Keith's leg is healing, so here ya go Mom - taken this very morning.

I've been bad about posting lately - I have some Christmas, Visitors, and New Years photos to share with you.

Keith had the tree outside lit up plus the bridge and
he found a perfect tree for inside the house!

A three-sided one that fit snugly against the bookcase.

Great Aunt Winnie hand-sewed this heart, we've had it on a Webster Christmas tree for as long as I can remember.

I forgot to take photos of our Christmas dinner - it was wonderful though - we had Richard, Arlene, our brother Butch and our neighbors Susan and Alan. "Fletcher's" ribs was the main course but we also had a "little Miss Piggy" leg plus the usual side dishes of brussels sprouts, and Yorkshire Pudding (recipe from Keith's Dad Al) I'm sure we had dessert but I can't remember what it was - oh and I made pumpkin soup which every one said was good but I couldn't eat it for the smell was not pleasant - I think our guest were being nice to me.
After dinner Alan played songs on his banjo and we all joined in with various percussion instruments. Susan then read a children's story that she had written and Alan had illustrated. It was about how the forest animals had a tradition of making harmony bread - when she was finished we all ate Harmony bread which she had made.
Lots of fun!

Another night during the holidays Arlene & Richard had us all over for Dinner at the Yurt. Our friend Bill and his dog Deuce joined in the festivities.

We had ham and a new recipes for scalloped potatoes that did not involved cheese or cream - and they tasted great!

Baked apples for dessert - a perfect ending on a winter night.

After Richard, Arlene & Butch left for Seattle we got more snow!

and a visit from Emily and her boyfriend Pete,

They came with me in the morning to feed the animals and collect eggs -

"wait for me!"

They headed back to Alaska - driving to Prince Rupert then catching the Ferry to Juneau.
Other news is that Ducky has started laying eggs - that puts to rest any question of her sex.

Can you see the difference? Do you know which is Duck and which is Chicken?

Both are delicious.

This was our New Years Day Meal - Cornbread, Black eye peas, Collards(from the garden, frozen) and Rooster. Should be a Good Year!

The snow is melting away, but maybe there will be more before long - feels more like March to me. Keith and I are doing fine - thinking of projects to keep us busy before the Growing Season begins. If you need a break from the City come on out to the Farm - we will be happy to see you!

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