Friday, May 7, 2010

The Milk Follies

This is my forth season of milking goats and I feel it's my best by far!
Every aspect of the routine is working smoothly - like butter.
I'm still learning new methods but I feel like I'm building on top of a foundation.

I love the improved Milking Parlour. I've had a recipe for making Goat Milk Paint Wash for years but only got around to making it this Spring. The walls are painted with the wash. I was surprised that the paint gave off a sweet clean smell! The floor is painted with Porch Paint.

The room is brighter and will be easier to clean - and the recipe said that the Wash helps repel flies ....will see this Summer.

Keith set the camper up for me this year. He picked a spot that is easier to hook up to a good water source, improved the steps getting into the camper and fixed the hot water heater - no more boiling water to wash dishes!

Best of all the cheese making has improved - taste and texture!
So far I have made yogurt, plain and Keith's favorite, Vanilla Maple Syrup, Vanilla Ice Cream and

herb wrapped French Style Chevre and

herb marinated feta. The herbs come from the green house,

which I am utilizing more efficiently this year. We've had salad greens, spinach, mustard greens and Swiss Chard harvests plus the herbs and still being able to have room for the veggie starts.

We are trying to push our growing season by making some growing frames for the cooler climate plants: Cabbage, Broccoli and Cauliflower. Without the frames these tender starts would suffer from the early morning frosts that we can get up until June.

I washed up these old window panes to help grow Okra - not sure if it will work, but can't hurt to try.
Spring is full-on in the Valley. The maple trees are leafing; the hillsides are coverd in yellow and purple from the blossoms of the Arrow Head Balsum Root (I always get that name mixed up) and Lupine and finally the last type of fruit tree, apple, is flowering and so are the lilacs

one morning this Canada Goose flew onto our bridge - his mate made it over but he couldn't quite make it. He honk for sometime until his mate came back down river, then off he flew.

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