Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mish Mosh

Finally I am writing about the rest of April!
It was a month filled with Play, Work and Sorrow

April 10th was the annual Swallow Fest in Ardenvoir.
Arlene and Kay came to share in the festivities, and Arlene took these photos so I could share with all of you.
The Shank Brothers were there, playing their great old style music.
Lots of classic cars and men.
Kay with the throngs of Valley folk watching the Big Parade.
Of course Smokey The Bear was Thear.
I was working the Used Book Sale for the Entiat Library.
The weekend wasn't just the parade, there was the Fire Men Auction/Dinner that we all went to, and I set up the incubator in the Brooder Room for Turkey and chicken eggs.
and of course there was the relaxing time spent on the farm with the animals.
Sadly that was the weekend Spaetzle died. Even though we were expecting her death it caught us by surprise.
She was such a great, friendly, brave, funny, and loving dog.
We miss her.
That Sunday our toilet started acting up and by Monday Keith had dug up the the septic tank lid to have a look-see. He then called the Septic Man to pump her out. It only took a couple of days and a few repairs by Keith but all is in good working order again.
The Tuesday after the Swallow Fest weekend, our favorite Turkey, Tessa, went broody. Her nest is hidden behind that rock in the brush.
We didn't realize she was broody -meaning that she wants to stay on her nest to hatch her eggs - until after dark when Keith went out to see if she was still there. It was late and I thought she was well hidden so decided that she would be safe for the night, and in the morning we would figure out what to do with her broodiness. In the morning a coyote killed our Tessa. And the next morning killed our old white rooster who never went inside to roost. Since then we have been having a time keeping the Turkeys in. The other two hens, Winnie and Penelope have been laying eggs and Winnie has gone broody. I do not let her stay the night on them but gather her up and put her inside. On another post I will show you what we have done to try to contain our flighty female turkeys.
Meanwhile it is Spring in the Valley. The Daffodils are outdoing themselves,
our young peach trees are flowering,
violets bloom under the fruit trees,
the old cherry trees are hanging on and acting like they are as young as ever,
and the pear trees are not going to out done by any of the other fruit trees.
Our kidds, Jack & Jill, named by our neighbor boys are growing strong.
They are very playful and tame.
A couple of horses came to visit us, they escaped their pasture to come sample ours. We called our dependable and knowledgeable neighbor Dave to show these horses back to their own place.
I close this post with a photo of another neighbors dog who came to visit the goats with his family. He just has the right face to end April with.

I wont be so long with posts on May, and hopefully I will have news of chicks hatching.

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April said...

Oh man, I'm sorry about the coyote. Interesting because we have been reading lots of coyote trickster tales. sometimes that guy wins and sometimes he loses, but I am sure sorry he got your turkey and your rooster... I hope everyone else stays safe... Keith - Rob is hanging in there with his finger - still casted up to the forearm and pretty tired of it. Monday they'll take off the cast and have a look... The farm is calling us... But it might not be until July that we get there. Care to have company for July 4th? Love, April