Friday, April 2, 2010

Fire On Purpose

There was a Thrill in the Hills a couple of weekends ago.
Our neighbors received a grant to do some control burning all in the name of Forest Fire Prevention. The idea is to burn the shrubs and debris (pine cones, needles, etc.) that act as fuel when there is a real fire.
We were warned by Dave before it happened, "it will be a show, get your camera ready", he said.
We always listen to Dave so here are the photos.

Just a few spot fires
Lot's of fuel here,
and here,
Our neighbor Dave!

It got pretty smoky.

They also used the burn as a training exercise for our local volunteer fire fighters.

Looks like these trees have hot roots and are stepping out of the fire, can't you imagine them saying "Hot, Hot, Hot!"

No burning on our side of the river, but plenty of smoke.

It was a good show and even beautiful at night with the fire spots glowing.
Now hopefully the hills are a little more prepared if a forest fire comes through.

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