Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Snowy Friday

"meow, wonder what awaits for me out yonder today?" mused Felix the Cat


"At least my favorite puppy will accompany me on this snowy day"

"Blaaaad, Blaaaad, Snooooow!" bleated all the goats

Turkeys, Roosters, and Barn Cats all stay dry under the Breeze Way.

"What's the white stuff?" peeped the chick

"come out, come out it's fun" clucked the hens

'Hmmmm" pondered Ducky

We may get 3 - 7 inches from this late winter storm
"Time for a fire and indoor chores" whined Megan
"I'll take care of the barn animals" said Farmer Keith in his best Hero voice.


Padre Mickey said...

"What a fine story," said Padre, "and such marvelous illustrations!"

Mary and Megan said...

Thanks Padre - that's a big compliment coming from such a master story teller as yourself!