Friday, August 13, 2010

End of July

I'm doing the "catch-up on the blog" dance.
Unfortunately I haven't been taking very many photos....we've had lots of visitors and lots of fun, guess too much fun for me to take the time to get photos.
Mary was here in July for a short visit and the only photo I got was on her last morning just before she boarded the train to Seattle.

We had a good visit, lots of sisterly talk and hanging out, we did pick peas and shell them, I took a photo of that....the rest of the visit I have photos that Mary took,

she documented my first attempt at Camembert (we call it "fuzzybert") and baguettes...

Keith on his tractor, he was still hobbling about at this time, he is now very much improved,

and she just had to take a photo of Felix's present he left for us to find early one morning in the bathtub....Life on The Farm!

After Mary's Visit Keith finished the new chicken coop.

This is where the chicks and turks that we hatched earlier this year will live.

From this small yard they have access to the larger goat yard for even more tasty grazing.

I'll just finish this wee update with some shots of the goats out in their yard.

Cinder feels she must keep an eye on those goats, but it does get her tired.
An August update coming soon....

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