Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Relaxing.... Farm Style

Keith found the perfect place to hang the hammock!

I spend the heat of the day here reading or just....

drifting off into the tree tops or

drifting in the river below.... It's lovely.

He also placed a rope for me to help my decent to my favorite spot on the river...

sitting under the bridge - I get to pretend I'm a troll!

Sitting in the chairs you get a nice view of the hammock above...

Soon the river will be low enough that I can "swim" in it.

The dogs love to play in it when I come down.

Two weekends ago our friend Anne-Renee came for a visit.
We did something I have been wanting to since we moved here.
We took the canoe down to the mouth of the river,where the Entiat meets the Columbia . We saw eagles, great blue herons, king fishers, a doe and her two spotted fawns, it was very relaxing and beautiful.
I didn't even have to paddle, I just got to be The Princess while Keith & A-R paddled!

We didn't get any photos so I took this shot yesterday of the canoe....

More veggies are ripening - green beans, beets, zucchini, carrots, cucumbers, no tomatoes yet, still very green.
Hoping that all of you are having a relaxing summer.
We hope your travels brings you to our door.

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