Wednesday, March 5, 2008

March 5, 2008

It was cold this morning - 22 degrees with frost on the bridge.
But it will warm up to the 40's.
Beautiful - Sunny- Clear Skies

Most of the snow is off the river.

The snow is also gone from our bob sled run - the walk to the barn can be pretty yucky in the afternoon as you may guess from the tracks in the frozen morning mud.

Pork chop is begining to "show"!

Tuffy and the Cow have a special bond.

The Rock is uncovered - Girly-Girl seems pretty happy about that!

The farm animals love breakfast time - seems like they are always telling me "More Please!"

While I was at the barn Keith was on a walk with the Pups.

He came back with a "find", a wire cable uncovered from the snow.

More revealed - soon we'll be swinging the Shoes.

Yesterday was sunny as well, so Keith washed all the cars.

He has been busy pruning the fruit trees, changing the oil in the tractor, and other farm chores.
I've been busy in the sewing room and kitchen.
Spring Training is here. It's refreshing to hear baseball on the radio.
All the dogs are doing fine, Cinder is recovering nicely from her surgery, Bandida's bark is persistant, Spaetzle is loving the Sun and Hank is just our Happy-Go-Lucky guy.

A Winter's Supper - Salad, Duck Soup & Potato Bread.


MissGlimpseBlogSpot said...

Do you expect any other big snow storms? We had a few warm days where we could be outside and it made me excited for spring.

April said...

Beautiful dinner. I'm kind of sad to see the snow go. Glad all the pups are happy and you guys too. We had fronst here this morning as well, because we had a rare clear night and today is bright and sunny. J. and I went to Carkeek Park to celebrate the sun. Several trains went by, and once, Jasper got to wave to the engineer. It was extremely exciting... Thanks for the update - Love - April