Thursday, March 13, 2008

More Projects

This is a long project. It started last year with the planting of the gourds. All winter they dried on a rack suspended from the ceiling on the porch.

Lately I have been cleaning the dried gourds, scrubbing the mold off with a scatchy-scratchy and vinegar/water in the tub.

Here are the clean gourds, waiting for me to create something out of them.

This is my first gourd craft. This isn't from a gourd I grew or cleaned. Arlene did the work and gave it to me to work on while I waited for mine to be ready. After doing the cleaning myself I appreciate the gift of the gourd from Arlene even more than before!

I don't think I will make more just like this, but I do use the water pitcher everyday as an incentive to get me to drink more water.

These shopping bags I knitted from cotton yarn string. I got the pattern from Simple Crochet by Erika Knight.

I really like her books and her style. They are very quick to crochet (about 3 - 5 hours) and easy. They were a big hit at the grocery store and I love not bringing home anymore plastic bags! I hope to make more to sell at the Farm Stand.

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