Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Past Couple of Weeks

Time is flying by...I hadn't realized that it has been over 2 weeks since I last post...so here's a quick catch-up.
Arlene & Richard came for a weekend - the first we have seen Richard since he's been back from S. America- Arlene had a specific reason for the visit. She is volunteering on a oral history project for NCW (north central washington). The first program is about the ski hills. Turns out there was one on our River Road. During her visit she interviewed people who helped out with Ardenvoir's Ski Hill and we all took a ride up the road to see if we could find it. We did.

A old time family donated land to the valley for the ski hill. This is the lodge.

It even had two toliets.

We believe this is one of the runs - Keith found a tree with the lights - and we could see them going up the hill.

First blossoms of the season.

The other exciting event was when "suddenly" we heard a loud POP and then we had no phone service. A wide-load going up river with half a house, pulled out our phone line. That was on a Friday. It was fixed by Monday. It could have been worse - others lost phone & electricity.

There still is patches of snow on the ground - but not much.
Here are some photos showing where we will plant the Vineyard. This is looking up the slope. The Vineyard will start near the top of the slope going down.

Here's a view looking down. It will begin just past the rocks.....

can't you just imagine what it will look like?

Keith has been working on fences, irrigation pipes, and he just built a new roost. I'm going to move the roosters (except for the ones keeping company with our lovely hens) down to the goat/cow pen. He built the roost for them.
I've inventoried our seed and will begin the planting for this years garden.
We have garlic and lettus coming up in the main garden,
all is good.

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MissGlimpseBlogSpot said...

When they fixed it did they raise it up higher or do you think it was a one time type of chance of that happening? How long did the snow you guys got stick around? We got some too but it did ;ast n the ground too long.