Thursday, November 6, 2008

Anne Renee says Vaarwel

Our good friend Anne Renee came for the weekend - sadly for us, it will be awhile till we see her again at the Farm.
Exciting for her, she is moving to Geneva!
We had a good time doing the usual farm chores, milking goats, feeding goats and steer and roosters and chickens and barn kittens.
Her special chore was pulling up the last of the carrots and chopping them into bite size pieces with the machete for the goats and cow and roosters.
Of course we went for walks,ate and drank, even watch TV and played Dominoes.
How can she leave all that???
A-R also made friends with Zoe the scizoe cat.

Zoe-Zoe, is becoming more one with the family,

but she still has her moments, you never know when she may strike out, (as A-R has the scars to confirm that behavior), well usually a dog, or Felix, is around causing her stress by standing too close, but for the most part she is getting to be a pretty nice kitty.

This is her new hiding place - great just what we wanted, towels with patches of fluff!

Alas the sad moment arrived,
our Dutch Girl had to leave,

we'll miss you more than you can imagine Anne Renee.
Happy Trails!!!!


MissGlimpseBlogSpot said...

I wish she would do a blog of her adventures It would be cool to see Geneva! Sorry you will miss her:( I hate goodbyes.

MissGlimpseBlogSpot said...

Hi cousin! We may see things different but we both love Charriers, we both love freedom to have different views and express them, we both love animals, we both love photos and we are both darling!!! I am happy for you and Aunt Sue and all my Obama loving friends and family. Hopefully we can make it to Alyssa wedding and then we can hug in person:)Here was my quirk post from back Aug. I got tagged early:) Love ya!